ADA is our keeper girl. Darling personality! Plays fetch, sleeps with me, plays in running water, walks on a harness, plays with other cats and dogs.






Shadowspride Yepa of Taziyah

dob 08-27-2009

 Yepa is an F7 C Seal Spotted Lynx (tabby) point.  Her name translates to "Snow Woman" (Swahili). She is a sweet cuddle bug. Very active, playful, intelligent, and feisty!






Alexasbcheetas Mogadishu of Taziyah

DOB 06-22-2008

This is my sweet Mogadishu. She's an F2 B. Her current litter is made up of 3 boys and 3 girls. They all carry her sweet personality. You can see them on my kittens page. 


She represents the savannah in every way. Spectacular spots, huge ears, long legs, hooded and expressive eyes. "The Mog", as we lovingly call her, insists upon my presence during her labors. She depends on me or another trusted human to "babysit" while she takes a break from he babes. She's a house cat at all times.


Moglie has been known to hop in full bath tubs for a swim, retrieve tirelessly, and respond to hand and voice commands.


She was my first Savannah and she got me hooked!








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