Ta' Ziyah means " Passionate Soul" in Swahili.


What a fitting name for the beautiful Savannah cat breed! This hybrid breed is highly intelligent, sociable, and agile. If you are looking for a new feline friend and want to purchase an exotic breed, the Savannah is a wonderful choice. We breed our Savannahs to be family pets, as well as show and breed animals.


 While the Savannah cat is a hybrid breed of domestic cat and the African Serval, they can make wonderfully sweet tempered family pets. What a great way to bring a touch of the exotic into your home! As cat breeders, we always focus on ethically breeding our cats and placing them into the perfect homes. 


Breeding is not our only focus. We also rescue stray and unwanted cats in the Southwestern Colorado area. As cat lovers, we feel it is important to care for cats that are suffering and neglected. We work in conjunction with local spay and neuter programs.


Purchasing a Ta’Ziyah Savannah Cat means that you will receive a Savannah Kitten that has been properly socialized, ethically raised, and properly vaccinated. We place a high priority on treating our kittens with the kind of love and respect we know they will receive in their new home. Contact us today about purchasing your very own Savannah Cat to add to your family! 

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